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1499 S State St, Clearfield UT 84015, USA

Animal Care Patient Center, in Clearfield, UT

Animal Care Clearfield is one of the most trusted veterinary hospitals in Clearfield, UT. We know you'll feel comfortable in our patient center. It is a clean setting that uses state-of-the-art equipment and technology to improve the efficiency of each visit. You'll be able to have your pet seen by a professional veterinarian who is skilled in caring for a variety of different types of animals and will be able to offer an honest opinion on treatment that may be needed. Our team of professionals will take their time answering your questions and providing care and attention to promote the well being of your family pet.

We operate an open hospital, which allows all our customers to stay with their pet during each appointment or medical procedure. You can have peace of mind knowing that you won't be separated from your pet during vaccinations or pet surgery. We believe that this helps the animal to feel more comfortable during the visit and also allows the pet owner to feel more at ease when their loved one is examined or treated.
New Patient Center — Veterinary Hospital in Clearfield, UT
Our patient center includes emergency care and urgent care services with a veterinarian and personnel on duty five to six days a week. At Animal Care Clearfield, the emergency team consists of one veterinarian and several technicians who are qualified to work together to attempt to save an animal's life in an emergency. This includes snail bait poisoning, chocolate ingestions, and getting hit by a car. We encourage all of our customers to come in if they think their pet needs immediate services.

We also provide urgent care to non-life threatening issues that can't wait for a scheduled appointment. Our veterinarians will work diligently to see your pet in between other appointments. Once you arrive, the receptionists at Animal Care Clearfield will be able to provide you with an estimate on how long you'll have to wait to be seen.
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